• 2021 "Work toward Sustainability"
  • Adhere to the 6 Key Agricultural

    Policies of the Government As the Framework for Action

    1. Support the farmers making sure they earn adequate incomes from a variety of sources
    2. Revise the organization of agricultural production so it meets the needs of the market
    3. Manage the country’s water resources in an integrated and unified matter to meet all needs
    4. Increase the role of agricultural cooperatives from producing agricultural goods to also be effective market channels of those products
    5. Prevent and punish corruption and other inappropriate behaviour by civil servants
    6. Reform work of state agencies to be more transparent and open to inspection

  • Work toward Sustainability

    1. Promote royal-initiated projects in sustainable agriculture and resource management, by involving the people to participate in implementing and looking after those projects
    2. Assure every plan and project is backed by research (as research is important to long-term success, assure the research is continual and builds on past results)
    3. Implement agricultural zoning, to assure crop production matches market demand
    4. Assure agricultural zones receive adequate water for the crops promoted in the zones
    5. Strong cooperatives: cooperatives must become competent and efficient. Member groups should work together to gain and apply knowledge, technology, and agricultural inputs on their own
    6. Strengthen the capacity of civil servants, giving them pride and prestige in working toward the common good
    7. Assuring state agencies serve the people efficiently and transparently

  • Vision

    "To provide agriculturists with good quality of life, people with safe food for consumption, with their generation of income for the land"

  • Mission

    1. To promote agriculturist units and encourage them to be self-reliant, have good quality of life and stable occupations.
    2. To promote production of agricultural produce and food of increased values that meet market demands and consumer standards.
    3. To research and development an infrastructure for agricultural production.
    4. To develop and transfer agricultural technology focusing on effective, sustainable and environmental-friendly use of agricultural resources.

  • Scope of Duties and Responsibilities of Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives

              The Act on Organisation of Ministries, Sub-Ministries and Departments, B.E. 2545 (2002), Chapter 7, Section 18, and the Royal Decree of Transfer of the Royal Forestry Department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives to be under the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment and of Improving Powers, Duties and Affairs of the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources, Royal Forestry Department and National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation Department under Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment B.E. 2546 (2003) designates to the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives the following power and duties: "The Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives has the powers and duties with respect to agriculture, water sourcing and irrigation development, agriculturist promotion and development, cooperative system promotion and development, including production process and agricultural commodities, and such other governmental tasks legally designated to be the powers and duties of the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives or government sections under it.”